emberworks strategy guide

trim your candle wick

to 1/4" in between burns using a wick trimmer or nail clippers to ensure a healthy candle! a long wick makes a larger flame which means burning through your wax + fragrance faster.


wick won't stay lit?

try melting a bit of the wax closest to the wick with a match or a lighter, then dab the melted wax to give your wick some breathing room!


moisture on your candle's surface?

that's your fragrance oil! this is a natural occurrence of the candle's fragrance oil separating from the soy wax due to extreme temperature changes during the shipping process. since these oils are flammable on their own it's important to dab your candle's surface dry before lighting.

get the most out of your burn

limit your burn time

to 4 hours each light up. after around hour 3 the candle may get too hot and begin to evaporate fragrance oil and burn off quicker.

extinguish your wick

using a wick dipper or a candle snuffer. this can prevent wax spills, substantial smoke, and wick "mushrooming". mushrooming occurs when a candle burns for an extended period of time and begins to form a clump of carbon buildup at the very topmost part of your wick.

wick dipper.png

that’s it for your tutorial! we think you’re ready to dive in