"where is my preorder package?"

if the shop is open as a "restock" this means the candles you ordered are already made and ready to ship, in which care your order will typically be fulfilled and shipped within a week of your order being placed. if the shop is open as "preorders" then all candles are individually poured-to-order. this process can tack on an additional 2 weeks to our typical 1-week turnaround time in order to allow your candle to undergo it's curing process. please allow up to 3 weeks tops for us to get your lovely candles out the door!


"i'm hosting an event, and you would be a great fit as a vendor! how should go about inviting you?"

oh YAY we love in person events!! please feel free to email us at emberworksbyashe@gmail.com, complete our contact form, or DM us on instagram or twitter with details of your event and we can start planning together!

"i'm a jax local! how can i snag some smells goods without dealing with the shipping costs?"

well, hey, neighbor! feel free to email us at emberworksbyashe@gmail.com, complete our contact form, or DM us on instagram or twitter to discuss your hand delivered order. 


"are your candles pet safe?"

our candles are comprised of use paraffin-free soy wax, phthalate-free premium grade fragrance oils, and lead-free wicks, and i deem them to be pet friendly. however, there are a number of specific scents that can potentially be harmful to to particular animal breeds, and we highly recommend conducting your own research to determine which scents to stray away from to keep your pet comfortable and safe. 


"help! my candle won't stay lit!" | "the top of my candle looks frosty?" | "what's this liquid on the surface of my candle?"

please visit our "candle care" page for tips and tricks on how to get the most our of your emberworks candle!