Ash & Embers Campaign - DND/TTRPG Inspired 3 Candle Set

Ash & Embers Campaign - DND/TTRPG Inspired 3 Candle Set

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A Long Rest: Experience the invigorating feeling of all of your spell points returning after a long rest under the starry sky and roaring fire with party by your side with scents of fireside 🔥 🪵  and mountain pine 🌲 .

Feywild: Let the intoxicating scents of watermint 🪴 , clementine 🍊 , sea minerals 🌊 , and fresh cut grass 🌱 invite you to the lush, breathtaking land of the Feywild! 

Arcanist's Library: Set the tone to browse your tomes~ Let the scents of library pages 📚, tonka bean, and oud 🪵 assist you in your quest for knowledge and wisdom! 

These are 8oz 100% soy wax, paraben-free, phthalate-free candles with a crackling wood wick OR an organic hemp wick and 40+ hour burn time.

**PREORDER ITEM** all preorders are poured-to-order. please allow a 2-3 week turn around time for your candle's curing process.